Learn About Odin's History of Success

History of Odin Pharmaceuticals

Established in 2018 by Dr.Veerappan Subramanian and Dr.Ilango Subramanian, Odin Pharmaceuticals is a young and flexible organization building on decades of pharmaceutical industry experience offered by the management team.

The company’s executive team has considerable accomplishments:

  • Track record with successful commercial launch of over 300 drug products with revenues of $800 million

    • Generic drug savings to customers and patients exceeding $3 billion in discounts

  • Exceptional compliance record with the FDA and many other regulatory agencies (DEA, EPA, etc.)

    • No FDA warning letters 

    • Successful remediation of previous management’s warnings letters and consent decrees

  • Creation of 500 US scientists jobs and employment of 400 ex-US pharmaceutical jobs

  • Founding, development, and sale of multiple pharmaceutical firms totaling $1.1 billion

Odin specializes in difficult-to-develop and difficult-to-manufacture sterile injectable and sterile ophthalmic products.

The privately-held company has its headquarters and development facility in Somerset, New Jersey.

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